Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning

At Hydroclean our aim is to provide all our customers with the deepest clean possible. By using our powerful truck mounted carpet cleaning machine you can be sure of the deepest clean leaving your carpet clean and fresh.

We use a 5 step process as recognised as best practice by the National Carpet Cleaners Association to ensure the best clean possible.

What you can expect from Hydroclean as standard includes:

  • 100% money back Guarantee
  • Expert advice
  • Clear pricing
  • No Extra deep cleaning charges (this included as standard!)

Call for a no obligation quote and survey on 01568 630000


1. Survey of the carpet to be cleaned
Before we even start we will visit your home and inspect the carpet that you wish to have cleaned.

It is important to us as a conscientious business that we discuss with you your expectations of the clean and what can be reasonably expected, if there is permanent damage to the carpet or a stain that could not be removed we will discuss this with you before we start cleaning.
We will then provide you with a quote for the work which will not change - what we quote is what you will pay we will NEVER add on hidden charges!

2. Dry Soil Removal
The first part of the process is to thoroughly vacuum the carpet with a commercial vacuum cleaner; this is to remove as much loose dirt and pet hair as possible. You will be supprised how much a comercial grade vacuum can remove!

3. Pre Spray
Once dry soil extraction has been completed we will spray the carpet with an appropriate cleaning solution to loosen the dirt particles from the fibres of the carpet.

4. Agitation
This is one of the most important parts of the process, once the pre spray has been applied we will agitate the carpet with an oscillating carpet brush that gently lifts the pile of the carpet and ensures that the
pre-spray reaches deep into the carpet. Once completed we will leave the pre-spray to "dwell" for 10 mins to loosen all dirt particles from the fibres of the carpet.

5. Extraction
Once the Pre spray has been agitated and left to dwell we will use a Hot water extraction from our truck mounted carpet cleaning machine.
This machine operates at at pressures and suction of around 100 times that of a Rug Doctor or a domestic wet dry carpet cleaner so up to 99% of the soil is removed, also the carpet is left as dry as possible enabling you to walk on the floor as soon as possible.