Leather cleaning

WE ARE OPEN Any equipment we bring into customers home in contact with soft furnishings is sanitised prior to each job myself and any staff are infection control trained and we will wear appropriate PPE. We’ll be observing the 2mt distance but If you wish and if possible you can stay in another part of the home until we’re finished. All soft furnishings are post-treated with a sanitiser for added reassurance. All soft furnishings will be deep steam cleaned with our truck-mounted cleaning system producing temperatures over 220 degrees F. All waste is taken off-site and no machines brought into your property. Leaving your carpets and upholstery hygienically clean and sanitised. The NHS recommends steam cleaning on items such as carpets and upholstery to kill germs and bacteria
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At Hydroclean Services we recognise the rise in popularity of leather furniture.

Leather is a wonderful product and can give years of great service, but like all things if they aren't looked after they can become dull and grubby, scratched or the pigmented surface can start to break down.

We are highly experienced in all aspects of leather care and restoration so we can bring your furniture back to life and looking bright and clean Just like it used to be.

As part of our leather cleaning service we are able to repair small rips or holes, provide a full re colour or re dye Analine natural high quality leather.

With all leather work it is important to visit and check what the type of leather it is as there are many types such as pigmented, Analine, and micro pigmented, we are then able to provide a free no obligation quote for the work required.

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