WE ARE OPEN Any equipment we bring into customers home in contact with soft furnishings is sanitised prior to each job myself and any staff are infection control trained and we will wear appropriate PPE. We’ll be observing the 2mt distance but If you wish and if possible you can stay in another part of the home until we’re finished. All soft furnishings are post-treated with a sanitiser for added reassurance. All soft furnishings will be deep steam cleaned with our truck-mounted cleaning system producing temperatures over 220 degrees F. All waste is taken off-site and no machines brought into your property. Leaving your carpets and upholstery hygienically clean and sanitised. The NHS recommends steam cleaning on items such as carpets and upholstery to kill germs and bacteria

New Website

Thursday 14th June 2018

Well after a lot of work Hydroclean has updated the website to this new snazzy layout. Although The site looks different you can be sure that the same amazing customer service will be the same.
We are still offering the famous 3 areas for £99.00 deal so give us a call.
Gutter cleaning is as popular as ever and is a sound, small outlay to ensure that blocked gutters aren't causing expensive damage to your property.
Check back regularly for the latest news!!